Family vacations are worth looking forward to, although at times the financial implications of these may be a cause for concern. You may find yourself weighing up the options and wondering if a vacation is worth the compromise of other priorities. There are, however, affordable vacations that you can do in the United States. You will have to take into consideration accommodation prices, dining out, and activities, but you will ultimately see that the experiences enjoyed are worth the affordable costs required. Here are six affordable family vacations that you can think of doing in the continental United States:

 Charles Springs, Florida

Florida’s fresh water springs are a refreshing option for a family vacation. The water bodies and the crisp fresh air that come with these are worth getting out of the busy buzz of everyday life and plugging into family quality time. Charles Springs on Suwannee River is a gem that is worth visiting. At these springs and park, you can learn about Ruben and Rebecca Charles’ history of operating a trading post and ferry. You can also enjoy family fitness while exploring the Suwannee River trail route.

The endless choices of dining out mean every member of the family can be treated to the type of food that they enjoy best. You can also take this as an opportunity to try different cuisines that you would have otherwise not enjoyed. You can create lasting family memories while exploring Florida and enjoy the gift of nature and food.

Gulfport, Mississippi

For roughly $2084 a week, you and your family can enjoy the white beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The relaxing nature of beaches, the sounds of the waves crashing and the enjoyable sunlight make this vacation worthwhile – after all, everyone enjoys a trip down to the beach.

Having soaked in nature’s gift of the beaches, you can explore the different activities that you can do as a family. The children may enjoy the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, where they can get insight into the different animals and their behaviors. They may also enjoy a day in the Gulf Islands Water Park where they can cool down during a hot day and invent water games to play with each other.

Budget Family Vacation Spots

Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina is appreciated for the quality of research that comes from the universities. If you are looking for an educational vacation for the children, this is the place to go for approximately $1900 a week. You can explore the educational hub spots designed for children who aren’t quite ready for college just as yet but are interested in different topics and subjects. You can then proceed to the Marbles Kids Museum where children go beyond marveling at the displays, to get hands-on by enjoying interactive activities such as playing fireman or doing creative arts.

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is the place to go and treat your taste buds as it is the place for barbecues. It is also rich in culture and arts where your family can appreciate the different walks of life that are embraced in the globe. Different displays are always organized for children, such as Museums-On-The-Go which rotate, and events where popular books come to life.

What makes Kansas City affordable is that it is in the middle of the country meaning the travel costs won’t be as much as when you visit places farther. The airport also isn’t anchored by a dominant airline, making the costs affordable due to multiple airline competition. Accommodation averages $139 a month which is affordable considering there are no hostel accommodation.

Atlanta Georgia

Many museum attractions in Georgia cost less than $10 per person. Your family can enjoy such interactive spaces that showcase Martin Luther King Jr. and Center for Puppetry Arts, for example. If you decide to enjoy the outdoors, you can head to the Stone Mountain Park, which is $8 per carload. If your family is one that enjoys festivals, you can travel in the month of April where festivals such as Dogwood are on display.


You can plan for an affordable family vacation in the United States and enjoy quality time. Places that you can explore include: Florida’s fresh water springs where you can soak in water bodies and hike; Gulfport, Mississippi which is the land of white beaches; Raleigh, North Carolina where your children may benefit from an educational vacation; Kansas City, which is the place for arts and culture as well as tasty barbecues; and Atlanta, Georgia which displays history in the form of museums as well as interactive festivals.

Whether your family is outdoorsy, loves water, arts, culture, or physical activities, there is a place for every family member to enjoy for an affordable cost.

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